To Send Love to the Big Guy…

We have had many people ask for an address to send cards and gifts of encouragement our way. The kindness has just been astonishing and so humbling. Thank you for the well wishes. Andrew was even able to muster up the energy to make it court-side to the Butler vs. Providence game last night! I truly believe that Andrew is doing so well in the face of this mountain because of all of the prayers said on his behalf. He still has his days that are harder to get through than others, but his attitude and positivity have remained uplifted. We can be best reached at:

6295 Boone Ridge

Zionsville, IN 46077


With deep love and appreciation,

The Smiths

5 thoughts on “To Send Love to the Big Guy…

  1. Folks have asked me this question on twitter.

    Is this private information for people on your mailing list or is this something I could put on twitter?

    – Jeff

    Jeff Rabjohns! Sports 317.402.5997 Twitter: @jeffrabjohns

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  2. Andrew, two time Butler grad, former football jock, 50-year Bulldog basketball nut, and huge Andrew Smith fan here. Think of you often and wish both you and your bride well. Having been married for almost a half century, I know it can’t be easy on her as well. As my high school coach use to say, just rub some dirt on it and shake it off. Wishing you the very best.

  3. While we usually do not know or understand His will, we can know He loves us, is in control, and will ultimately prevail. Right now we only see the back side of the tapestry… the hanging strings, the knots, the side that doesn’t make sense. But when we see His finished work, we will understand the pain and confusion that made the finished side possible. And it WILL be worth it. Hold on to that promise.
    Praying for you both and your families regularly.

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